Nature abhors a vacuum.

It doesn’t do guilt either.

Whereas we human beings,

Gifted as we are,

With absurdly large absurd brains…

We can learn and talk

And make and take.

We can feel and reflect

And destroy and create.

But we cannot forget.

We are the lucky

And the unlucky.

For once locked in, those thoughts cannot be lost

Save by disease and accident.

And death.

We are doomed to wander through our minds,

Ancient mariners who have to tell our story

Just…just to lower the depth of guilt and horror

That can engulf us.

The oak tree stands and watches

As we pass below, wrenched by demons and horrors,

Tortured by guilt.

The wise sit under the branches and look up

And listen to the wisdom of that old oak.

One thought on “Guilt

  1. Totally beautiful ,outstanding soliloquy , spoken by a true artist, you have missed your calling George, hope you may publish one day, all the best Paul


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