Sustaining intelligent life

I am worried.

Big B seems not to be in charge or decisive.

Big V is not going away, contrary to Trumpy’s fantasy.

And lockdown is being eased.

Schools are going to be safe apparently.

Transport is fine, just keep your distance…on the Tube, on buses?

Gateshead and Cumbria and Stoke-on-Trent are behind the curve, with continuing high R.

Yet B wants the economy to get going. And I am sure he would be right to, in other circumstances.

Care homes have been hung out to die. Untested patients evacuated from hospitals into care settings to start the bonfires. No extra help.

Are older people in care not still people? Are they not entitled to good health care too?

And what worries me is that as people return to meeting and working the virus will grow again, and we older people with other conditions will be left to, well, isolate or die.

All the concern about getting food and medicines to the 1.5 million most vulnerable? Banana flavoured angel delight is great probably, but unlikely to sustain intelligent life.

We with dementia, often living other conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, what are we going to do? What will happen to us, as those around us carry the virus towards us. Others may well survive, even hardly notice it, but many of us will have to continue this isolation until a vaccine is available. That is at least a year away, in sufficient quantities.

It is gratifying to know that fertility services are getting going again, and then cancer. But what does the future hold for us?

What I worry about is that we will be forgotten, because we have to stay behind closed doors, away from friends and family, away from shops, away from the life affirming places we love, like the sea and the lakes and the hills.

Because for us it is life or death.

Keir Starmer, bless him, is beginning at last to turn the screws on the lack of decision and compassion of our shambolically amateur government. Boris has started to retreat. PMQs may break him, since he cannot stand up to a forensic, legal interrogation.

Politics aside, all I want is decisions and actions that are for the many not the few. Or, better, for all of us.

My friends and I have been working for years to get dementia on the agenda, in the open, and addressed in a meaningful, compassionate way.

I fear we will again disappear and be left to our own devices as big V sweeps us either under the carpet or under the ground.

3 thoughts on “Sustaining intelligent life

  1. Fertility services can be seen as an investment in the future; the child could turn out to be a crutch during difficult times and a carer in later times.


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