A book of thingies and what d’you call its

What on earth will it be like?

At home, for three months probably, no face to face meetings, no hugs and pecks…

Nothing to prepare for, write a speech for.

No train journeys North, South, East or West.

No hotels. (Hmm. Probably good)

No DEEP friends, or foster sisters.

Probably one or two of us succumbing and moving on…

Oh don’t be daft!

There’s Zoom, and the phone, blogs to write, and tweets to tweet.

And for me, there’s my garden to mow and grow, dig for victory, sow for supper.

Lupin – to walk, and rub and cuddle and fuss.

And shout at to stop b****y barking.

My wife will be working from home most days. Separate and shut away.

I read in the paper that the virus might destroy celeb and wealthy marriages; they won’t be able to spend all their time jetting around, together or alone, and will drive each other mad. (Think that story was founded on sloth, lust and envy.)

What, then, to do?

I’m already feeling bored! I thrive on my dementia mates meetings. I need the affirming fun, talk and thought. The sheer relaxed joy of not having to pretend in any way at all. (And not feeling frightened and fearful of the world and its inhabitants. My fellow men.)

I enjoy the company of women. It’s when I can relax and not assume they are mocking me under their breath. But not men. (Childhood, school…you know.) So the dementia world suits me well, as most meetings are predominantly women (health and care staff).

What are we going to do?

Well, my first idea is to capture all your tips and short cuts and workarounds, via twitter (etc), and put them together in one place. We could between us create a marvellous library for others.

We all learn new things as we find we need new ways of doing things. Remembering, completing, finding, writing, planning, cooking, showering, travelling…

The simplest of tricks may be invaluable to our fellow travellers, and the sooner they find and learn them the better their lives will be.

And think how the OTs and Dementia Navigators and Memory Service staff could use them to pass on.

Lots of these things you only understand if you live with IT.


So shall we do it?

If you know where tricks and tips and workarounds are published, like websites and blogs, let me know.

If you have any let me know. Of course you do, but you may have forgotten how useful the tiny adaptations have become.

We’ve got three months till The V peaks. So we are going to be on our own for ages. Or until we just can’t be bothered and we simply walk out and greet and hug each other again.

‘Cos the chances are, most of us will get it in the next two years. Then it will be ok because we will all be immune? Or we will have to use annual vaccine for mutated forms returning. We already do this for flu.

So for now, let’s achieve something.

A book of thingies and what d’you call its.

Tweet me. Email me. Blog me. And I will gather and sift and organise and catalogue them.

Well, not sure about the catalogue…sounds a step too far.

Here are my first ones…

Use Alexa for meds reminders, or to take food out of the oven.

Keep one hand or elbow touching a wall or panel when you have a shower and close your eyes.

Use a calendar on your phone and/or tablet for everything you need to remember, with auto set reminders.

Before you do everyday little things, like pouring tea or milk, take a couple of seconds to look again and make sure you are doing it right, not pouring a packet of loose tea into the teapot! (As I often do). Make it a habit.

What are yours?

4 thoughts on “A book of thingies and what d’you call its

  1. Ooo I’ve just written my blog for next Thurs about this stupid time but it’s less upbeat than yours, so thank goodness you’re here brother George!🤗

    as for my top thingie tips….well here’s 3 for starters

    put a small strip of red or blue tape above taps to show which is hot and which is cold

    paint a simple luminous yellow stripe on outside steps so they stand out to avoid tripping up or down them

    paint a coloured border round white light switches so they stand out

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  2. Virtual hugs can’t replace the real thing, you’re right George. In the meantime, thank God for my mates in Zoomettes and my DAI living group. Stopping me from going even more nuts at the mo ☹️🙃🤓


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