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Well I don’t think I can write a poem in twenty minutes, like Wendy Mitchell did last week at a DEEP meet up in London. She took fifty words chosen from Great Expectations and just made them into a wonderful, clever poem, about living with dementia.

Just now and then I meet a genius. 


But today at Congress I am meeting lots and lots of wonderful passionate people working around the UK (and further) to improve understanding of and care for living with dementia.

Yes I do my bit(s), but we all do. 

We write blogs and we tweet.

We record and share our thoughts in dementia diaries.

We coach and empower people, who never thought they could, to speak to power, to decision makers, money spenders.

We spend our time in meetings, and at conferences. We encourage, support, inspire each other, and more others, to join in.

We listen to each other…about our difficulties and our changes, about our partners, husbands and wives, about how we are changing.

And as was said several times today, half an hour with peers with dementia changes the world as we see it. The smile returns, inwardly and outwardly.

Resilience is something we all need. But when our brains deteriorate and falter we can easily and often feel alone and detached from the world around us. 

Deciphering what we see, hear, touch and smell becomes longer and more taxing. Understanding and taking in what a speaker is telling us can just disappear, words floating past us as we try to find our place in this world. And we stand up and have no idea what we heard and walk away.

And life goes on.

We will go on. We will most of us meet again next month, next year. And we will have achieved great things and small things. We will have nudged people towards better understanding. Towards better provision of support and care.

A few more people with direct payments for what matters to them.

A few more health and care staff with level two training in dementia skills.

A few more Admiral Nurse services.

So. Thank you Congress brothers and sisters for being inspiring. We all need it.


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