I’ll look the other way


The NHS is 70 this year. Hurrah.

The NHS is starved of funding. Pooh.

We must give the nhs more funding this year to show we value it.

(We have starved the nhs for seven years.)

Cancer survival rates in the UK are below those in Europe.

Therefore, we must put more money into cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Let’s double cancer spending from £7.5bn to £15bn.


What is the biggest cause of death now?


More people die with or from dementia now than any other disease in the UK.

So why don’t we give dementia more funding?

For research. For post diagnosis support. For admiral nurses everywhere. For dementia navigators everywhere. For universal training for all NHS and care staff.

Oh no, I forgot, it’s that invisible illness that everyone is frightened of and would prefer to ignore and forget.

It’s dementia, and there’s no cure.

It’s dementia, that disease that makes people into silent, staring, ghosts.

No, why would we want to spend more on that?

Ahem, again.

850,000 people with brain disease.

Another million family carers.

Research break throughs on the horizon.

People living with dementia frightened to leave their homes in case they get lost or cant remember why or fall.

Family carers in crisis unable to get support and respite. At their wits’ end. Hell on earth.


We have poor cancer outcomes. We don’t meet treatment targets. That’s what the public wants. That’s what we’ll give them. 

Oops…I mean that’s what their taxes will give them.

Dementia, MS, Parkinsons…weeelll…those people will die whatever we do. There’s no cure so…whats the point?

And by the next election, if we last till 2022, which I won’t but someone might, we can sing a great song of having given a hundred thousand people an extra couple of (treatment ridden) years of living.

Bring me the sick, the scared, the broken and the dying, and I’ll…

Look the other way.


5 thoughts on “I’ll look the other way

  1. Oh George,

    Thank you so much for trying too get through too those that could help us. How can those people that plough their money into the arts and the like just to make those that have plenty , have more? The billions on things or schemes that we never used to have and yet survived. YET they, the chosen ones appear to know who and what to spend the taxes on and all the monies that they rule over. Not dementia. Not on research for a cure, oh no…. let all the volunteers do what they are already doing. Why should the government help us? Golly they are such considerate beings that they are allowing those of us to apply for a blue badge at last… well that is if we can jump through hoops to apply for one. Oh it’s not going to be many Mrs Government.. the huge form and difficult questions will stop most of them getting a badge… remember they have memory problems …….


  2. George you have said it all… But nobody wants to listen. Only those that have this illness truly know and carers or family who are daily coping day to day through what is happening. If the government won’t help with the money they could give but Won’t, to the Research into finding a cure.. ask yourself why… I have racked my now separated brain to find an answer AND I CANNOT FIND ONE ANSWER WHY……

    Can anyone please explain to me why they won’t help to find a cure by providing financial backing of the Research going on to find a break through for hundred of thousands with this illness…

    From Lizzie


  3. How can we grab and shake those people by the lapels, who are in a position to publicize this, recognise the size and nature of this crisis and acknowledge that it is tearing people apart, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. It needs funding and priority, we don’t want to be told that sadly another prominent person has been diagnosed or is going downhill. We need to know that research is ongoing and progressive, that all aspects, procedures, ideas and treatments including alternative medicines and procedures are being seriously tested and considered. More importantly we need to know that the government has this terrible situation high on their agenda, preferably at ministerial level. Why is it being so studiously ignored. Why are sufferers and carers being left to flounder, without hope and why are the general public being left unappraised of the devastating effects of this creeping/galloping epidemic. Why are such things as obesity, drug and alcohol abuse etc treated so much more seriously than dementia and why is care and support for this an issue that has largely to be worked through and funded by the suffer and their family. What research and publicity has been done around the cause, rather than the effects of this disease. It’s not enough for someone in authority to read George’s blogs. This critical HEALTH issue needs addressing at the highest level. Well done George, your messages certainly hit the spot


  4. Les you write very eloquently and powerfully about what should be happening and isn’t. The 3 Nations Dementia Working Group is trying to gain influence at high levels to get just what you describe to happen. As are others of course. We need, I believe, a really strong political campaign that MPs and Goverment cannot ignore. And 3 Nations Dementia Working Group will be planning it soon.


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