Table, Apple, Penny… whatever happened to Haathi, Roti, Chacki??

This is really interesting. Thanks for telling us all about your great work.

Meri Yaadain Dementia

Dementia has quickly become a worldwide issue. People are living longer, healthcare has improved, education is more available and the world is more connected. This has led to us becoming acutely aware of social issues affecting our populations, one of which is dementia amongst our growing numbers of older people.

Dementia is a collective term for a number of conditions that affect the brain. Whilst Alzheimer’s disease is probably the best known of the dementia variants, each one has it’s own associated behaviours or characteristic symptoms. These can range from being forgetful, finding it difficult to communicate, losing a sense of direction and orientation or adverse behaviour. It is not just an ‘older’ persons’ disease but can (and does) affect younger adults too.

In the UK there are approximately 820,000 to 850,000 (depending on whose figures you quote), people living with dementia. Of these it is estimated that around 14,000…

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