Dre-e-e-e-eam, dream, dream, dream, dre-eam….

I could not remember any names

I couldn’t remember what I knew

I had no ideas about what to do

But I knew some of the people I was with

And I knew I should know

Who they were

What to do

Where to go

What to say

And that was just a dream.

An unpleasant dream, with an unpleasant feeling when I woke.

And I couldn’t remember which day of the week it was.

I was in Dudley yesterday but was that Monday or Tuesday?

Or is it the end of the week already?

On my way into town I got it back.


So…was that tiredness, or dementia, or exacerbation of other conditions?

I have taken to marking Wednesday with Prime Minister’s Questions, except that I keep forgetting to listen till after lunch.


And yes I missed it again today.

Yesterday at the Dudley Dementia Action Alliance I learned that they have seven dementia navigators working in the borough.

Brilliant. From diagnosis to, um, the end, consistently the same person who gets to know you and becomes your friend when you need help or support or information.

At meetings, with claims, navigating the NHS and social care systems…

How good is that?


So remember, commissioners, you can make our lives a hell of a lot easier and better by paying for a few good souls to support us.

And you’ll be keeping us out of hospital and other care services.

Keeping us in our communities.

In our dementia friendly communities, doing the things that make us smile and get out of bed in the morning.

And perhaps providing me with a calendar clock!


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