The medication jigsaw

So I picked up my Christmas Present from the pharmacy.

A big bag of delights.


Brightly coloured, random shapes and sizes.

Packets, bottles…

Life saving, as long as I get them right each day.

30 a day. In halves. But not the same.

Life taking, if I get them wrong.

Next day I call the pharmacy.

Where is the Ro………….?

Ah, it’s in a bottle this month…

Another time I can’t find the yellow packet with the All………….

Damn it, they’ve forgotten it.

Search, search, scrabble, scrabble…

Check the cupboard…

Call the pharmacy…

Ah, it’s in a brown box this month.

“It’s the CCG. They keep changing what we can buy.”

Ok, I get the need to reduce costs.

I get the use of generic brands, and that’s fine if they do the same job.

But for God’s sake don’t keep changing the packaging.

How on earth are we expected to make sure we take the right pills day after day if they change colour, shape, size and come in different colour boxes, or now and then in bottles, each month?

Generic drugs should be in generic boxes. Or bottles. And always in those boxes. Or bottles.

Recent figures suggested that something like half of people taking medications are not compliant after three months. So the medicines are wasted, or the people end up in hospital with medication related illness.

That is just plain stupid.

It’s hard enough to get these things right when your brain is working well. Throw in a bit of dementia and you ain’t got a chance.

So in 2016 let’s campaign to get generic, consistent packaging for generic medicines.

Let’s remember who the drugs are for.

Not the drug companies.

The patients.


2 thoughts on “The medication jigsaw

  1. You have made an excellent point here George. My wife is always reluctant to take her medication. Any change in colour, size of tablet or packaging crested difficulties.. Unfortunately, the drugs are primarily for one thing: to make vast amounts of money for the manufacturers


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