Einstein’s relativity is toast

The theory of relativity is toast

I’ve been hearing a lot on the radio about Albert Einstein in recent weeks.
And I think I understand his general theory of relativity a little more than before.


It seems that e=mc2 is not really the key equation after all.

And that gravity is not as simple as appeals falling off trees to knock you out.

But one thing that remains unchanged is the general theory of relationships.

Or networks perhaps.

And influencing.

If you want to influence change you need relationships.

Helen Bevan at NHS IQ (sadly no longer) has written lots about social movements, networks, influencing change. And she’s a bit of a hero to me.

The way you bring about change that lasts is through your networks. Because of your relationships. Trust, equity, non-hierarchy. Just talking, thinking about ideas, exchanging stuff, experiences, what you’ve seen, heard, felt…

Doing this spreads your passion and your desire to bring about change. And it’s infectious.

If they see your passion and belief they buy into it. Into you.

That’s social movement.

People create change, often in tiny nudge steps, if they believe something is worth doing.

Not for the company, not for the profit, not even for their own pockets…

For its own sake. Because its right.

Compassion, empathy, moral good, personal experience…

It’s different for everyone. But it makes change happen.

How big are your networks?

It’s not hard to reach a lot of people through a few with Twitter, Facebook, never mind meeting in person.

And that’s what we’re all doing to enable people to live well with dementia.

All those people I have met this year. At conferences, on Twitter, at local hospitals, across Shropshire and Telford, Wales, Scotland, England…

Keep talking, keep influencing…because it’s what we’re good at, and we can get people to follow us, to create change.

So what about the toast?


I make my own bread, in a machine usually. But even in a machine it’s always different.

Different flour. Different proportions brown and white. Seeds or no seeds. Amount of yeast, and water. Salt…

Some loaves a dense, some light.

And you know what?

The denser it is the longer it takes to toast and turn brown.

Now that’s relativity.

I can’t do the physics, but there really is theory there.

Mass, density, heat absorption…

And whether it’s light and fluffy or dense and heavy, it still toasts in the end. Just takes longer.

Just like us humans doing our influencing.

We get change in the end.


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