Foucault and Dementia

Thoughtful, insightful piece on dementia and society. Do read this.

Belledelettres's Blog

Why did you choose Foucault as a lens?

I chose Foucault as a lens because he addresses the psycho-social and political aspects of illness and medicine. As each generation manages to deal with different threats of illness, both medical advances and political attitudes focus on the next threat to the population. Currently the world is trying to make sense of the threat both socially and economically that dementia presents. Until recently people with dementia were separated and corralled in care homes, cut off from family and society, left to die. In the same way in the past, lepers, the indigent and the insane met similar fates. The rise of the medical model of treatment is not much use for people with dementia as there are limited treatments and no cure. So it is important that people with dementia are accepted by and encouraged to take part in society as best…

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