Live the change you want to see in the NHS

I’m at Expo15. Member of the People’s Panel. Blogging/rocking all over the place.

What’s it about?

Innovation and change in healthcare. Doing things differently.

There’s lots of talk of patient co-production and engagement.

Great pilots and projects around the country.

Vanguards bringing services, providers, sectors together to deliver great care seamlessly.

Moving towards new models of care for a sustainable future NHS.

Then last night a whole lot of us went out to a “eat all you can” “restaurant”.

Not sure it has earned that description.

What were we eating?

As much salt packed, grease dripping, fat laden, mass produced mess as we could put in our stomachs.

Which swelled.

And which will cost the NHS a penny or two before long.

You see, we’ve got this huge mismatch.

We speak of good things but our deeds do not match our words.

And it’s us doing it, we people who work to improve the future of the NHS, people who work in The NHS, people who the NHS looks after.

Time to get real.

To match great words with great deeds.

“Live the change you want to see”

image image

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