Path thru Loss and Grief … to Choices and Dementia Advocacy

This is another wonderfully piercingly moving account from Tru, about how she (and others) is hit by changing or new symptoms, and how they start and then become regular. Hard to deal with.
I have experienced the same, though less. The other day I fund I could not access my knowledge about a particular subject and could not therefore talk about it and join in a discussion. It just had disappeared and I foundered. I was upset all day. Was it the start of another phase?

Read it.

Truthful Loving Kindness

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Tru here. 

Looking at my wardrobe doors this morning reminds me.

Earlier this month I was standing in the bedroom wondering what clothes I have, and where they are located.  Since wardrobe doors were closed and clothes were not visible at that moment, I was stuck.  “Don’t worry about it; you are just over-tired.”  Then it happened again yesterday  — and I was not over-tired.

I remember the first time I was stuck on filling my cup of coffee.  I was sick that day, and pictured mug full … but could not remember the first step for the process.  I was stuck.  That was the first time, and I rationalized that I was sick … and tired.  But it happened again about a month later.  And about a month after that it started happening every few weeks.  Now it is every couple weeks and it is no longer so shocking.  It is…

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2 thoughts on “Path thru Loss and Grief … to Choices and Dementia Advocacy

    • Life is full of coincidences. I’m 64 though. And I rather hope I don’t get to 90 I’m afraid. Good to hear from you. How is life for you as a carer or at least son? My father in law died with (not of) dementia two years ago and it was a very difficult time for my wife.


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