Oh dear, my poor family



I’ve had my first serious row resulting from my faltering memory.  All my fault of course, I now know.

I had put aside an envelope with a new SIM card to use abroad.
Didn’t need to load it until we go.
Put it in a safe place, “my drawer”.

That was ten days ago.

So, yesterday I had to find out my new phone number for when we are abroad.

(We have house sitters!)

Went to the drawer,
“My drawer”,
Looked inside.

It wasn’t there.

So I looked around.

Asked my wife if she knew where it was.

She might have moved it.

I hadn’t.

Someone must have.

No sign of it…

“Someone has moved it.

“It wasn’t me. I don’t touch your letters.

“Well someone has moved it. I put it in there so I knew where it was.

“Who else could it have been?
You must have done something with it.

“No. I know absolutely I have not opened it.”

And on we went…

And on…

I searched everywhere I could think that “someone” could have put it.

Drawers, a trolley where I keep things, other rooms…

Still no sign.

Eventually I found a delivery note for the SIM card.
“So someone has opened it, and it wasn’t me.

“Well, it must have been, because I have not touched your letter.

“No. not me. I would remember doing it.

I spent the night waking and wondering about the envelope and SIM card.

I won’t list all the options I went through, but they were generally uncharitable.

And I decided to get the card cancelled and replaced next morning.

Get downstairs next day.

“Have a look on the trolley, George.”

Slight hint of smirk.

There it is. A little mini envelope containing, of course, my SIM card.

Right in front of me. On the top.

Yes, it had been underneath something else exactly the same size, but…

“Effing bloody eff”, or words to that effect.

So I gave my dear wife a big hug, or at least leant my head upon her shoulder, and


“Oh God. That’s the first time I really haven’t remembered so completely what I have done…”

And the first time I have really lost my rag over something like this.

So, what next?

I am going to be a challenge for my family.

I will try not to get angry.

I will keep myself calm. Tell myself that it will turn up. No one is out to get me. It’s not the end of the world.

But it felt like it for a few hours.

Oh dear. My poor family.


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