QE What are you up to?

QE Ambulatory care day case angiography 7.5.15

This week I spent most of a day at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham in the day surgery centre. It was not a good experience. Here’s why.

Ambulatory care reception lady very pleasant, smiled…good start.

Arrived in the day surgery ward…
Dirty curtains in my bay…with biro marks all over.

Nurse came to clerk me.
Spoke very quickly. Didn’t smile. I’m just a piece of luggage.
I asked her to slow down but she didn’t.
No personalised conversation at all.
I asked her again twice to speak more slowly.

Blood sugar was 8.9. Very high for me on a fasting test. I told her it was odd. She didn’t clean my finger…might have affected it. (Or is my own device wrong?)
She didn’t ask me about valuables like phone and iPad, money etc. other patients were asked and had to sign a form.

The other admitting nurse was just as bad regarding personalised conversations, not listening to the patient, tone…just flat, mechanical, dull, uninterested…

Another female staff, possibly a technician, came to insert a cannula in my arm. She was inept and applied the sticky pad before connecting the thing to the tube, so it went wrong and she had to take it off and start again.

A male staff did a 12 lead ECG on me. He tried to use small stickies on my hairy chest but they wouldn’t take. He kept trying, pressing them on, and failing. He muttered about shaving but kept trying. I said, yes, shave me. So he had to go away for three minutes to find the kit. Why didn’t he have it with him and do it straightaway when he saw my chest?

A porter for me (and others) was deadly dull and just grunted quietly a couple of times. No face to face or personal contact.

The other nurse grunts as well. No communication with patients beyond asking the minimum required questions. They show no interest in patients…wellbeing, feelings…including one who has waited since 7.00am.

I and two other patients asked during the morning what would happen next. The nurses provided no commentary for us as they clerked us and dealt with us. The answers we received were peremptory.

Some of the other staff have been good and kind. One lady in theatre was friendly and smiled and tried a bit. There was little concern for how I, the patient, felt though from anyone, on the ward or in the theatre. Theatre staff were not at all rude, just not interested in the patient’s feelings or experience. They talked to each other. Ditto on the ward.

I had to ask what was going on in theatre at the different stages of the procedure. It’s my body, damn it!

In the early afternoon I suggested nurse clean my finger before testing it…she grunted and did not do so, just did the test.

What are those 6 Cs?


They seem to have forgotten that patients are people, not items.

Nurse says “… Sit up…” The rest, if there was any, was not spoken so I could hear it. She did not smile or look at me, just came to the back of the bed and raised it.

Communication…person centred care…dignity…information… I saw none of these in my bay today, and little enough when I was in theatre.

What’s up with the QE UHB hospital?

Are you all so demoralised that you have forgotten why you work there? Who you work for?

I am not a number!

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