Carers are not always helpful…

Carers’ behaviours…interesting but difficult issues for people with dementia. From Kate Swaffer

bullyingSome time ago I attended one of the consumer forums where prior to the event it was not made clear the groups would be split into two; that is the people with dementia (PWD), and their carers/supporters of the people with dementia were separated. About 10 minutes before the end of the session, the reason why became crystal clear. One of the family members of a PWD came into our room interrupting our session.

We still had about four slides to comment on, but this carer rudely opened the door, entered, and refused to go our even though the facilitators of our group said we were not finished. This carer then talked over the facilitator, talked over us, and virtually and immediately shut us (PWD) up, effectively ending our session before we had finished.

Since then I’ve attended many consumer forums, and always, if we are workshopping topics in groups around the room with both groups present, the person with dementia says nothing…

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