“I have choice and control…”

I have decided to blog part of an email I received today from National Voices, a great organisation that I have worked with a little that promotes the voice of patients in their care. Please take time to read it. It is applicable to all people, not just going people.




Dear George,

On Monday we launched My life, my support, my choice: a narrative for person centred coordinated care and support for children and young people with complex lives. The narrative describes critical outcomes and success factors in the care and support of children and young people, from their perspective and that of the people who are important to them.

The themes in the narrative – the things that children and young people say are key for them – can be summarised as:

“I am respected and listened to; I have choice and control; and at every stage I am supported to live a full independent life.”

Further ‘I statements’ set out in more detail what is needed to make this possible. They include:

“Adults around me do not make assumptions about what I can and cannot do.”

“I consistently see the same team of people who work with me and get to know me.”

“I am aware of the different types of support that are around me and how I can access them.”

“I and the people who are important to me have a named professional, who coordinates all the support we need”

My life, my support, my choice is endorsed by the national Children’s Health and Wellbeing Partnership, which provides system leadership for the improvement of health outcomes for children and young people.

We hope that, like the generic Narrative and other additional branches we have published, it will now be taken and used by commissioners and providers in organising person centred care and to know when they are achieving it. It can also be used by children and young people, their families and organisations as a tool to start conversations with local services about what good coordinated care and support looks like and how to work together to make it happen.

Here’s the link…


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