Reasons why we can’t


Listen, that’s not how we do it here. You’ll get used to it after a while.

If you do that for them, everyone will want it. What’ll happen then?

If we do it for one we have to do it for all. Otherwise it won’t be fair and equitable.

If we ask patients what they want they’ll say free gym membership, or a trip to Barbados. We can’t do that.

Give people their own budgets and they’ll spend them on cigarettes, drink, films, clothes…

Give people their own budgets and when they’ve spent them they’ll come back to us to be looked after. Chaos and wasted money.

If we spend money on that, it’ll save money for that other organisation. We spend but they save. Why would we do that?

It’s all very well, but there are rules we have to follow. Governance, accountability, transparency…we’ve got to follow process.

Look, I treat conditions not people. I haven’t got the time to talk to patients about their lives. And I certainly can’t do anything about them.

We’re doing all we can to stay afloat. It’s up to the others to take actions to help us.

We haven’t got time to look over the horizon. We’re too busy.

It’s time to pull up the drawbridge, draw a line in the sand. They’re just not doing anything to help us. We can’t go on like this.

We didn’t create these structures. It’s not our fault.

If we do that, what do we not do instead?

But where’s the evidence?

What if a patient makes a bad choice and gets worse?

We’ve always done it like this. Seems to work all right.

Listen, we’re under so much pressure at the moment, how do you expect us to have time to look at introducing more change?

Shared decision making? Patients just want to be given a prescription or a note. They don’t understand anything else.

I do share decision making with my patients, but they never remember that this has happened. They say they were not involved.

I could probably go on and on and on…

As Branson said…

“Screw it, let’s do it.

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