Living with dementia at work

Difficult times for people at work and living with dementia. I retired before diagnosis, and can now see many of my colleagues knew my memory and inability to meet deadlines but actually did and said nothing. I did not have a happy departure, but I too would like others to in the future. If I can help with the toolkit let me know.

Which me am I today?


I think the biggest challenge at work is the sheer mental exhaustion experienced from a relatively small amount of time in the office. My job centres around attention to detail. Trying to concentrate, keeping up with the everyday goings on, trying to shut out corridor conversations, coping with interruptions and having to start again if I am interrupted are some of the challenges I face. But the biggest change to come to terms with is the amount of time it takes to perform certain tasks – those that once took a minute now take (what seems like) forever. I can still do them, I just can’t do them quickly…..very frustrating and demoralising.
I’ve been trying short days in the office and making up my hours at home – sounds simple but the mental exhaustion just leaves me so worn out that I invariably fall asleep on the 90 minute bus journey…

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