Enabling Active Participation in Life in Aged Care

Please please watch this. Absolutely fantastic inspiration for living well with dementia in care homes.

Most of the time I don’t promote specific organisations or businesses, but this clip on YouTube, brought to my attention by a friend thanks Phillip E), is worth adding here. It talks about not only improving the environment, simple things like light and going outside, as well as activities for people with dementia, but how doing that reduces behaviours of concern. OMG… what an extraordinary thing to happen.

People behaving in ways that challenge others, simply because their environment or the way they are cared for is inadequate or inappropriate, nothing to do with dementia at all. Oh, and NO need to drugs or other restraint. A few others are doing this to some extent, but perhaps could learn even more from this experience.

Finding the Why; Enabling Active Participation in Life in Aged Care

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One thought on “Enabling Active Participation in Life in Aged Care

  1. Wow! What a fantastic place, what an incredible man to have such drive and belief. It echoes so much of what you have said in earlier blogs about allowing people to take risks – and have fun! I was particularly interested to hear his views on ‘relational care’, I wonder if you have read the Health Service Journal sponsored Review ( Commission on Hospital Care for Frail Older People) which talks about the same thing, this link allows you to download the document if you haven’t. Well worth reading: http://www.hsj.co.uk/comment/frail-older-people/


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