Better dementia care

What amazingly good advice and wisdom for carers of people with dementia.

Teepa online trainingTeepa Snow is a dementia ‘expert’, and one I have great respect for. The image comes from her website, and is part of a promotion called Teepa Online. With permission, I have added her 5 tips for better dementia care as todays blog, and I have added one which I believe belongs at the top of her list… I definitely recommend you go to her website and join her newsletter mailing list.

Firstly, stop talking about PEOPLE with deMEntia as challenging behaviours

Teepa Snow’s 5 Tips For Better Dementia Care

© Teepa Snow, Positive Approach, LLC

Teepa Snow is a dementia care and education specialist whose teaching style has won her fervent admirers among caregivers North America. An occupational therapist by training, she has been called “the horse whisperer of dementia” because of her remarkable skills.

Her personal mission is to better the lives of people with dementia—as well…

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