Behaviour Management vs Staff Management

A very important message to clinicians…see the ME in dementia. We are people, not labels.

DPP Symposium, Perth 7 October 2014 DPP Symposium, Perth 7 October 2014

Managing ‘challenging behaviours or ‘behaviours of concern’ or managing the symptoms of dementia is a regular topic at conferences and forums for major discussion, often one that drives me to distraction!

After attending a forum for nurses and other health professionals in clinical practice recently, where at least half admitted to believing it appropriate to give people with dementia psychotropic drugs to ‘manage behaviours’, was extremely distressing and worrying.

Even though it is not considered best practice to do so, and even though a diagnosis of dementia is the one contra-indiction of prescribing psychotropic drugs – unless there is diagnosis of mental illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder – many clinicians in the room of approximately 100 said it was appropriate to do so.

As a consumer, I find it wrong there is a whole educational organisation devoted to managing ‘Challenging Behaviours’, with…

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