Dementia Is Not Dementia Is Not Dementia

Very useful reminder summary about dementias.

I’ve been away for a week, and almost every day someone has asked me is Alzheimer’s Disease the same as dementia, even a registered nurse working in aged care. One taxi driver said he thought his mum was ‘soooooo lucky’ to have Alzhiemer’s Disease and not dementia like his father, although then went into a tirade (for the whole trip!) of how awful it is being a family carer… what a drag, what a terrible burden for him, how much he feels like he is on parole as he has to check in every day… For once, I kept my mouth firmly glued shut!

Although a little dated I am adding this journal articleDementia Is Not Dementia Is Not Dementia as explains it well. Teepa Snowalso talks of dementia in terms of fruit. All fruits are fruit, but below that label there are different categories of fruit such…

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