Wellbeing My Way

Today I have been to a great day with National Voices, working on their “Wellbeing my Way” project. I was one of about twelve “experts with lived experience” of long term health conditions, of all sorts.

I continue to be overwhelmed by the day to day resilience and determination of so many people with health difficulties. It is an honour to meet and work bedside them.

Today was about getting the voluntary and community sector organisations fully involved in enabling people to be as successful as possible at achieving independence, optimism and control.

It was about how the V&C Sector will be developed (and commissioned) to provide the health coaching, health and care navigation, and shared decision making that will support people with long term conditions to make

The right informed choices FOR THEM.

Wellbeing their way.

Not the commissioner.
Not the health and wellbeing board.
Not the GP.
Not the consultant.

But informed and supported by all of these.

We want people to be supported through V&C service to have:
More optimism for the future
Greater independence
Greater control over their lives…

It’s not a new agenda.

It’s not new thinking.

But it is part of a movement that is picking up momentum in Britain and around the world.

The paternalistic model of health care needs to change.

(But so does so much more.)

Healthcare should be wrapped around the patient, providing what they choose, after informative, shared discussions and decision making.

Commissioners, doctors…please get this.
Let us take the risk.
If we choose hypnotherapy over anti-depressants
If we choose choir singing over counselling
If we choose not to take injections of chemicals that you know may do us good but we know we don’t like…

Work with us.
Respect our choices.
We’ll take that risk.
And you will see us less often in your surgeries and A&E.
And you will save your time for those patients who need urgent, defined care and treatment.

We are on the crest of a wave that is changing healthcare in Britain.

We need to surf it, take others with us
Change hearts and minds

Change the paradigm of healthcare.

Simon Stevens agrees!

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