Dementia Sundowning Concepts from Karen Francis

Really interesting views of sun downing and how to help people through these times.

Truthful Loving Kindness

SunDng frm KarenF 6in300ppi
Ideas about “Sundowning” from PWD Karen Francis, friend who worked with memory impaired before becoming impaired herself:

What is Sundowning?

SUNDOWNING – Sundowning is a phenomenon that is associated with increased confusion resulting in a variety of behaviors that you may not see other times of the day. It can happen with any form of dementia. Up to about 50% of persons diagnosed with some form of dementia may experience sundowning. I have my own personal theories about why it happens when it does. Keep in mind that for each person, sundowning may occur at different times of the day – it’s called sundowning because it happens later in the day for a lot of people.

Some of the symptoms exhibited are:
*Increased confusion
*”Exit seeking” (wanting to leave or go home-even if they are home)

The specific cause for sundowning has never been proven. Many…

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