More Thoughts on Communication in Early Stages

Keep writing your insights for us all. You’re helping people understand how it is to live with dementia. And through understanding you comes compassion and empathy for all.

Truthful Loving Kindness

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In the last year or so I don’t communicate one-on-one very well.  It has become strained and costs a lot of energy.

A common dementia symptom is my sound-processing disorder; trying to unscramble numerous connected sounds into words, sentences and thought sequences, in order to understand what someone is telling me costs me a lot more energy than it used to.

Trying to find words best representing my thoughts is no longer second-nature either; it is a lot of work.

I enjoy time spent with you but:

Do not expect sustained conversation with me.  Bring one or two slow-speaking (and slow-moving) friends and you can chat in my presence – letting me just speak up occasionally rather than requiring me to pull one-half of conversation.  Or maybe we could “chat” while doing something else, lessening my burden for carrying a conversation, like while walking, or gathering firewood, or washing dishes…

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