Get back in the jigsaw…

I’m having a bit of brain fog.
Yesterday I couldn’t get things sorted out in my head.

I had a couple of meetings to prepare for
Reminding myself of what I wanted to raise when I asked for these meetings.
Always a good idea
Knowing why you are going
What you are going to ask or say.

Don’t know why, but the bits just would not stick together.

This is how it felt

A jigsaw lies on the table.
You’re looking at it
It’s not quite complete but pretty much…

And a piece floats up and away
So you reach out and gather it back and
Replace it.

And as soon as it’s in place another piece
Floats off
And another
And soon you are stretching all directions
High and low
Catching the pieces before
You lose them.

Yesterday the pieces didn’t really settle back at all.
And during the night they were all over the place.

Told them to get back…
Why were they doing this to me?
Why wasn’t I in control?

Yesterday I scraped my car when parking.
Against a wall
(hasten to add)

The space was just too tight to turn into
I misjudged it and there was a
Slight, soft, gentle

That’s ok, I thought, won’t be much damage from that.

And I also wondered why I had done it.
And would I do it again?
And tomorrow?

Was that brain fog or confidence
Lack of

I don’t know.

But it is unsettling,
When the jigsaw
Floats apart
And you just can’t quite get it

The marks on the car are bad.
The dreams were bad too.

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