Make my day, go on

Why can’t you join yourselves up?

Oh My God.

Just been to physio (different from last one!) for first gentle exercises after shoulder op.

Actually, it’s doing really well I think,
And so does she.

How does it start?
Can you guess?

I just need to take some notes first.

I sit on a chair
She puts a small table between us
And she starts the form…

Oh and this is after the first form…
Could you just fill this in while you are waiting please?
On a scale of 1-100 how do you feel your health is today?

Well, I have about six long term conditions
I have had a shoulder operation a week ago
And it hurts a bit
And I have dementia

I think pretty low on the scale

Am I being pathetic? Or pessimistic?
Should I be glass half full?
I feel quite good today, but my health is
Pretty awful
Every day.

Stupid stupid stupid question.

Oh and the physio didn’t look at it later!
Why why why do we do this?

Back to the physio and her forms.

What conditions do you have?
Heart disease?
And so on

And what medicines do you take?

That’s enough.
I cannot keep doing this.
In fact I’m sick of repeating all these things to every health person every time I meet one.

I say don’t you have any way of seeing my record, in this hospital, where I had my operation?
Can’t you share my records?
Why do I have to repeat this lot every time I see anyone?
Same hospital?
Just down the corridor…

She understands and agrees
It’s not her fault, I know
She’s lovely, really, and probably as fed up with this as I am.

We agree it would save her (and me) time if it was there for her to see
Before the consultation started…and she and others could prepare
Before meeting me

Well, I don’t know what medicines I’m taking.
I mean I could rack my depleted brain, but…
I do know, of course,
It’s in there
But there is zero chance of finding them all in that dark, confused cavern.

Lightbulb moment.

It’s in my emergency health app.
On my phone.
And out of my pocket I produce my list of medicines.

You could even see it if I were unconscious
As long as you think to look.
So please do.

In the meantime.
The lot of you.

Get connected and online and digital.

Tomorrow will do.

Make my day.

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