Slipped Further into the Mire

Truthful Loving Kindness

Shaving cream!  I have slipped further and my compensatory tools no longer work.

I was using a matrix to track when I sent Tweets, in order to avoid duplicates and triplicate.  Now I am having too much trouble trying to use Excel that the tool is not helpful.  I am lost in the spreadsheet itself.  Why am I here?  What was I doing?  Instead of every few minutes getting lost, I can’t even get started!

Alarms no longer work because I don’t even know it is my own alarm, and I really don’t care to find out what it wants me to do; I just want the noise to stop.  Alarms have helped for over 5 years, but no longer help now.

Reading aloud no longer helps enough for me to understand sixth grade novels.  It worked for about six months.  I am in the middle of book.  I remember…

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