My New “Normal”

Truthful Loving Kindness

Today is better than yesterday. As a dementia patient I knew the day would come, but yesterday was the first day that I couldn’t understand my paragraph, when I look back on it to make sure it is accurately reflecting my thoughts. The panic is not quite so disruptive; my upset stomach is settling down and I am not crying quite so continually. It IS what it is, and I will continue to write … so recognize, grieve, … and continue writing.

What if my portrayal is missing key factors, distorting the message I am trying to convey? Am I gliding from thought to thought or are there chasms between them? Am I mixing my tenses? I don’t know because I can understand a phrase, but that portion is gone by the time I attempt to understand the next portion of sentence or paragraph.

… YES!! ((jumping up and down…

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