The Power of Language

This is really powerful and important. Thanks Kate. More should read it.

language_is_keyToday I have had the honour of having presented “The Power of Language” at a Symposium in Perth, Western Australia. The full program is here Dementia Partnership Project Programme_The ME in Dementia. I have often referenced the invited international guest speaker Dawn Brooker in my writings, and so am delighted to have now had the pleasure to also meet her.

Here is a copy of the slides  DPP Symposium AAWA_SwafferK_The Power of Language_7Oct2014, and my speakers notes:

The power of language

I am married and have two sons, aged 24 and almost 25. In 2008, I was working full time, studying a tertiary degree, caring for our school age children and running our home with my husband, and volunteering in a nursing home and in the children’s schools, and as you can see by this slide I have had a few careers, and a number of health and…

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