Travelling backwards

I’d been to Nottingham for a meeting about the project to put patients in control through commissioning services that provide what patients value and need.
Jointly with patients
Round the same table…

It’s a fantastic project in Midlands and East
Vast area from Liverpool to Suffolk

Great meeting
(I chair it!)
And I was really on the ball.

I think.

Train back was going well.
In fact the trains both ways were fantastic (though stifling from Derby to Notts).

The last change was Crewe, on the way back home.
I sat, as always, facing the rear
Helps me to avoid travel sickness
Which has dogged me all my life…
Thrown up anywhere and everywhere you can imagine
On every form of transport.

The train set off.
Why am I going backwards?
Is it shunting?
How can we get home going backwards?
This is all wrong.
The train did not pick up speed for a while so I assumed it would stop and then we’d go forwards.
But no.
We kept going
My head was telling me
My eyes were telling me

I thought this must be wrong
I must be wrong.
Why can I not get this straight in my head?

Well after three or four minutes my head got hold again…
I was going in the right direction after all.

All the jigsaw pieces were back in place.

Dementia can do that to you.
All is going well then suddenly
It seems wrong
Not sure why, but
In your head
It just doesn’t make sense.

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